Visit With Texas Democratic Chair Gilberto Hinojosa a Huge Success

On Friday, March 24th Texas Democratic Chair Gilberto Hinojosa visited HQ and the party rolled out the welcome wagon. Close to 100 people came for a BBQ lunch and were treated to a 90-minute speech from Mr. Hinojosa.

Also in attendance were Candidates Mike Collier, for Lieutenant Governor; Kim Olson, for Commissioner of Agriculture; and Marvin Sutton, for Arlington City Council. They were joined by Jana Sanchez, Ruby Faye Woolridge, and John Duncan, all running for U.S. Congress District 06.

“We had a great attendance today,” said Ellis County Democratic Chair Nancy Cannaday. “Chair Hinojosa was fantastic. Democrats were united and enjoyed the meeting.”

There is a partial video of the speeches available in our party Facebook Group.

If you have pictures you would like to share from the event please send them in, we will be putting up a gallery on Sunday, April 2nd.

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