Coffee and Shop Talk (Open House)

Come meet some of our most devoted members to the Ellis county democratic party, every Friday from 8:00 am until noon! This event was started years ago and has been going strong to this day. We use this time to come together in solidarity to talk about this issues that we have been following during the week and strategize solutions!

Texas Democratic Women of Ellis County

The TDW of Ellis County is an amazing group thats meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm to educate and motivate women of all ages and stations to become more involved in the political process, because their presence is absolutely critical to creating a truly civilized and fully realized society.

You can find them HERE

Ellis County Young Democrats

Leadership, responsibility, and doing our civic duty isn’t just reserved for the most experienced of us. This country was built with the strong backs and bright minds of our youngest Americans and Ellis County Young Democrats are exactly that… democrats all under the age of 40! If you are a Millenial / Gen-Z and think you might be interested in joining this dynamic group and engaging in the amazing discussion topics that embody the Under 40 American, you can reach them HERE to find out when they meet next!